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Welcome! This blog serves as an symposium of raw thoughts, feelings, observations, and ideas that’s aim is towards improving the world we all live in and experience. I am always examining how things work and trying to learn and absorb as much knowledge and information as possible. It is also my hope that what led you here falls under that same premise. I understand persuading other people to become interested in what interests you is a fool’s game. With that said, naturally, there will be different perspectives and paces when learning, so please respect that as well as everyone who contributes and seeks to broaden their horizon. I am charting the ultimate destiny for Systemic Bliss and do not have any definitive plans for its track. So I figure it all starts here and hopefully it grows into something, or not. Either way, it will at least facilitate in clarifying my thoughts, which may produce some suggestions for further reading. It is my promise to make my best effort in submitting relevant, interesting, and quality posts. Who knows, I may even surprise myself! My writing isn’t perfect, but with practice it will become clearer. All I ask is to please keep an open mind, take a step back to admire the bigger picture, and comment to make yourself apart of the discussion and mission.