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A TALE OF TWO CURRENCIES COMING SOON… Check back for chapters as they are released, linked below. Table of Contents Introduction to Money I. The Separation of Money and State i. The Call to Capitalist Money ii. Escaping the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” iii. Satoshi Nakamoto iv. A Need for Immutable Money v. The Internet of… Read More

FED MADNESS: The Inflation Menace (Episode Five)

“Many find it counterintuitive that the Fed would want to push up inflation… However, inflation that is persistently too low can pose serious risks to the economy.” Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell on Thursday, August 28th, 2020 SOURCES: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (US), Currency in Circulation [CURRCIR], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve… Read More

FED MADNESS: A New Hope, Barstool & Bitcoin (Episode Four)

“Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.” — Warren Buffett Turning the TablesWell, well, well… look who took the dive into bitcoin and crypto, if not Dave Portnoy, the prolific founder of Barstool Sports as well as DDTG (Dave Day Trader Global), who just so happened to be… Read More

The Great Flood of Fiat

“THE FAILURE OF MONEY to serve as a stable and sensible unit of measurement for financial transactions has caused innumerable financial dislocations. The dislocations caused by inflation or deflation are so well known that the public in virtually every country of the world has become fixated on the uncertainties of the value of money.” Robert… Read More

FED MADNESS: The Rise of the Day Traders (Episode Three)

“In 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) began looking at the practice of quote stuffing in relation to the Flash Crash. The agency started assessing whether the practice violated ‘existing rules against fraudulent or other improper behavior’ or caused a disadvantage through distorted stock prices. SEC chairman Mary Schapiro said the agency would assess… Read More

FED MADNESS: The Money Printer Strikes Back (Episode Two)

“There is no intoxicant more dangerous than cheap money and excessive credit.” – Benjamin M. Anderson, economist, 1929 SOURCES: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, CoinMarketCap, & Yahoo Finance.DISCLAIMER: Performance of an index is not illustrative of any particular investment, nor is it possible to invest directly in an index. Figures above may… Read More

The Corona Correction

It has been a challenging few weeks and our sympathy goes out to those affected and deepest gratitude to those on the front lines fighting against this urgent pandemic. Thank you and stay safe! March has been a wild ride, and it appears that there is a good probability suggesting that the worst may not… Read More

Crypto Facts & Fantasies (2020 Thesis)

It’s a 2020, a new decade and dawn for bitcoin and crypto assets! Looking back at the last year, there were many great developments made and familiarity as well as knowledge grew regarding them too. Notably, bitcoin and crypto assets gained the spotlight as they were discussed and debated over by the most prominent leaders… Read More

My TradingView Bitcoin Chart and Model

OverviewI. Open a TradingView account to use (*free lite-versions available)II. Choose the “BTC” trading pair that corresponds to your fiat currencyIII. Select the time frame to fits your analysis (*4HR+ is standard)IV. Choose Indicators & Strategies to overlay on the chartV. Customize the Settings to change the view to your preference First StepsThis short post… Read More

FED MADNESS: The Revenge of the Repos (Episode One)

Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (US), Nonfinancial corporate business; debt securities and loans; liability, Level [BCNSDODNS]; U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Gross Domestic Product [GDP], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; October 31, 2019. Shaded areas indicate U.S. recessions. Last month in mid-September, United States investment banks had… Read More

Bitcoin & Crypto on Capitol Hill!

If bitcoin and crypto weren’t already gaining mainstream attraction with the increased coverage on popular financial news media following the price swings, the President and Treasury Secretary have also acknowledged their existence and provided some free publicity as well as their own commentary on the subject matter. It began with Donald Trump tweeting about bitcoin… Read More

2019 Halftime Report

It’s the first day of Summer, and June has been another momentous month for bitcoin and crypto assets. There’s plenty of room left the rest of this month and year for them to continue their current bull run. The prices have been led upwards by bitcoin rebounding off of the December 2018 bottom around $3200… Read More

The Bull Case for Bitcoin

“Institutions are more aware of these [crypto market] developments now than they were six or twelve months ago. The people we talk with are actively scanning and observing what’s going on, and considering how this technology would impact their business, and — ultimately — financial markets.” – Research from Fidelity Investments Bitcoin has officially bottomed… Read More

Bitcoin Springs Back into a Bull Market!

Spring has sprung! Accordingly, bitcoin and crypto assets jumped on the bandwagon as their prices surged across the board over the past month as investors took notice too and also observed the return of FOMO. It’s left many questioning whether or not the bottom is in for bitcoin. The price per coin in US dollars… Read More

“We choose to go to the Moon.”

Crypto assets fall under the “alternative investment” bucket along with hedge funds, private equity, real estate, as well as funds of funds, and compared to those other alternative options they present a massive market opportunity. The average person is still figuring out what blockchain means exactly, and they will realize where trust is muted that… Read More

A New Frontier for Crypto

Blockchain technology has presented a new frontier for investing whether its crypto assets, decentralized applications, or protocols running on top of this revolutionary technology, it embodies the Silicon Valley boom of the late 20th century in terms of infrastructure and potential as well as the Wild West with characters famous for being gunslingers and outlaws.… Read More

Crypto Facts & Fantasies (2019 Thesis)

It is a new year and there is much to accomplish in the crypto space! Optimism is running high too. Despite the drawdown in prices over the past 12 months, everyone seems to believe this is the year that the large amounts of institutional money flow into the blockchain and crypto space. While for some… Read More

10th Anniversary of Hal Finney’s “Running bitcoin”

10 years ago today, Hal Finney tweeted “Running bitcoin” and stated publicly he was instrumental in Bitcoin. He was known to have worked for PGP Corporation as the second developer hired after Phil Zimmermann and more famously is validated as the first bitcoin recipient. Satoshi Nakamoto (the anonymous founder/s of Bitcoin) sent the initial transaction… Read More

In Crypto We Trust

George Washington back in 1776 used encryption, and it was revolutionary. Now, it is a standard issue tool to combat cyber attacks and for compliance. It has been claimed by many voices within the crypto and digital asset community that, “It is still early days!” While these could not be truer words, the window of… Read More

The Crypto (R)evolution

Depending on your perspective an evolution or revolution in personal finance is just around the corner… (Hint: It’s crypto.) Unlike the informational revolution the Internet created, the costs are relatively low considering most of the infrastructure of the World Wide Web has been established and maintained successfully. Most of the groundwork has already been made for… Read More

Crypto Assets: Whose Value Is It Anyway?

A new set of topics is up for debate around investing and finance, including whether crypto assets should be treated as money, property, a security or something else as there is no clear regulatory designation set at this point. Perhaps it could be something completely new, sui generis if you will. When thinking about this… Read More

The Crypto Wave

It’s 2018 and the Internet has evolved and changed considerably over the past twenty years, especially as of late its economic model. The infrastructure of the world wide web in recent news headlines also has shown it to be unsafe and a surveillance haven where most common communications, information sharing, and accessing information has turned… Read More

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