The purpose of systemic bliss® is to provide you information about the perplexing crypto asset market and the technology driving its innovation. Aside from market commentary, you can also find analysis, insights, research, trend discussion, and notable bits of news to benefit your grasp of why this space is burgeoning with value and potential to disrupt and/or enhance other industries. Ideally it will be a medium that offers education, gives transparency, and works in helping to promote understanding as well as decision-making.

It also serves to clarify our own views, thoughts, and philosophies on the emerging space as we both grow and mature. Whether you are just beginning your adventure into blockchain technology or well into your own bitcoin and crypto asset journey, the learning library and terminology pages are good places to start familiarizing yourself with the existing content, whitepapers, work, and industry jargon. There is a deep well of knowledge to tap into here and the blog also suggests further reading on related subjects and other topics such as computer science, economics, governance, investing, math, trading and more.

The systemic bliss® crypto index is a benchmark for institutional investors so they may track and monitor the crypto asset market as well as gain exposure to investment grade coins and tokens. It is designed and constructed through a proprietary system [patent pending] that blends best practices from both traditional and decentralized finance. If you are interested in learning more about the index, its rules-based methodology, or the ratings that generates it too, please read our disclaimer and contact us!

I’m an investor and money manager from the North Shore suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. A DePaul University graduate from the Driehaus College of Business after earning a bachelor’s degree in Finance. As an undergraduate, I took some minor interests and courses in data analysis and data mining in the CDM school since technology has always been exciting to me. My interest, in particular, is in the blockchain technology and the digital asset space that it underpins as their corresponding networks and protocols have potential for adoption across various industries and applications such as Internet-of-Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other autonomous platforms for supplying commodities and raw materials, governance, invoice tracking, privacy, promotion, security, supply chain management, and trade settlement.

My experience with crypto and digital assets spans back many years towards their inceptions and nascency. First becoming infatuated with them while as a commodity research analyst and undergrad, today I still feel as if I am a student always studying and learning in this quick moving space.  I am hopeful they will hit critical mass and reach new heights along the way as new models and solutions to the existing inefficient, antiquated, and archaic systems. Simplicity and optimization for humans as well as the devices we use them with ultimately will drive their revolutionary progression and push them into mainstream adoption. In my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling, golfing, automating programs, running, listening to music, watching movies, and streaming my favorite shows. Some of my recent obsessions (besides crypto and digital assets and their market capitalizations) have been chess, pool, and game theory.

Whether or not it is all hype, strap in and get ready to witness history. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or anything that I might be interested in, please be sure to visit our contact page or connect with me on LinkedIn with your note and I will try to respond as soon as possible!