Bitcoin and crypto asset investing blog circa 2015.

The Author

Over the past 6 years,
John Hermes has been involved at the senior level in numerous companies and in many capacities. Mr. Hermes is also an active investor on his own account, holds several crypto assets, and is the author of this investing blog.

systemic bliss® –
information, insights, and investing

Providing you information about the perplexing bitcoin and crypto asset markets and the technology driving its innovation. Aside from discussions on recent news, trends, and market commentary, you can also find analysis as well as insights from our research. We aim to be a medium that offers education, transparency, and promotes understanding as well as decision-making.

The systemic bliss® crypto index is a benchmark for institutional investors so they may track and monitor the crypto asset market as well as gain exposure to investment grade coins and tokens. It is designed and constructed through a proprietary system [patent pending] that blends best practices from both traditional and decentralized finance. If you are interested in learning more about the index, its rules-based methodology, or the ratings that generates it too, please read our disclaimer and contact us!

John Hermes –
Investor & Money Manager


CEO at Mearas Capital Management
(2018 – Present)
Crypto asset investment company focused on long-term, principled investing with core values around client service, excellence, integrity, and strong partnerships.

Founder of Systemic Bliss
(2015 – Present)
Online blog and journal covering the Wild West of the bitcoin, crypto assets, and decentralized finance exploring the potential of blockchain, digital assets, and more.

Bitcoin Investor
(2014 – Present)
Early investor in a scarce digital asset and bullish on the technology of its underlying payment system.