In response to the post titled, “I still don’t get Ethereum’s value, there are no good wallets even.” I gave the following comments:

There was a wise person that once said, nothing good comes easy.

It’s early days still in Ethereum as opposed to Bitcoin.

The same things could have been said five years about Bitcoin and see how value has grown around the technology attributed by the new potential it had to spread value, risk, information, ect. unlike the world had [ever] seen.

Like you, I was a freshman while they were worth $17-$30 and thought the idea was a joke to buy something that was primarily used for children/teen playing cards and the digital world reserve currency in the dark web economy. They were also hard to get, mystical in nature as to the intrinsic value, and held seemingly unfounded possibilities [as to] the use and application. Yet here we are today, the landscape has changed and there has been tremendous breakthroughs and progress made from the community for the better to improve the nature of people’s lives through that very technology.

Change is a constant. Ethereum’s emergence is the beginning of a new paradigm that garners practical solutions to imperfect systems while bringing new possibilities to individuals, organizations, and likely someday nation states.

I believe Ethereum has a more wholesome community than any other crypto, and the progress of the project thus far has shown they can bring more aggregate benefits to society by offering greater forms freedom, business, commerce, justice, transparency, and endless other possibilities that Bitcoin simply could never address.

That’s the true value of Ethereum right now, its people and its reach.

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